Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mt. Jumbo

I know, I promised this would be a guide...and it will be eventually. But for now, I want to let everyone know about these new areas - after all, its damn hard to make a guidebook for an area that isn't developed! The latest place I checked out is Mt. Jumbo, and it is beautiful. Sure, there are easier spots to get to, but if you have a long day and want to go for a bit of a hike, Jumbo is the place. To get there you follow the snow machine trail the whole way up into the basin. If you don't know where the snow machine trail is, you literally make a right at Louie's (the only bar on Douglas. Stop in for a beer afterward - I dare you) and just walk straight up the hill. Seriously - thats it. After a little ways, you will hit the treadwell ditch trail. Turn left on it and keep yours eyes out for the continuation of the snow machine trail on your right! From here, it is muskeg and beautiful alpine meadows the whole way up. It is incredible up there. For now, there is nothing scrubbed and a lot of stuff is still under snow. Bring a shovel and a brush!

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