Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Lookout Boulder

The Lookout Boulder is the huge bloc you see behind Fred Meyer. Look up beyond the clearing, you can't miss. However, getting there is not as straight forward as walking through the clear cut. I'll post directions and pictures of the boulder with the routes drawn on next - but for now, here is video of two of my favorite problems on the Lookout. You can find them on the overhanging featured wall. Be warned - if you like figuring things out on your own, don't watch the videos.

Meathook SDS - V3
This problem is all of five moves, and only two are hard. It is still one of my personal favorites up there. Start on the lowest obvious crimps and head straight up the wall. Best of luck to you on the mantle...

Meathook SDS from Brandon Howard on Vimeo.

Natural Selection - V2
This problem is great - good movement on interesting holds. It starts on the same crimps as Meathook, but traverses left to a very satisfying finish.

Natural Selection from Brandon Howard on Vimeo.

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